Found some great works dealing with interactions, textile, architecture….

One of my favorite is Resinance because it is dealing with communication/interaction
between different materials. They respond to each other and show reactions.
There is so much more to develop on materials.


Resinance from materiability on Vimeo.

If materials could take care on there own, grow or heal themselves,
what would we do? How would we spend our time?
The topic of time and how to deal with it in future is like a virtual leck.
How will I experience time an what does it mean to me?

A lot of people are complaining about how they experience time and
that it goes faster an faster.
I think it’s also due to the hypercirculation of information and the
way we used to create history. We are not anymore in linear constructions,
( thats the way I experience our written history ) now there are many
streams at the same time.

If we could have a different relationship to time what would we do?
Imagine you could concentrate on loving people or meditate four hours a
day. Just having this time because the materials take care on there own.

There is an old exampe of growing “houses” from Arthur Wiechula.

Wiechula Hans

And here is a current one found at


There is also the selfhealing concrete.


Just check out the confernce of self healing materialsto see what there range of topics are..

Our skin has the ability to heal on his own why shouldn’t other materials do so?
It’s like expanding our abilties and giving it to materials.
According to Hundertwasser there are 5 Skins

The first skin is the natural one – epidermis
the second skin are our clothes
then comes the architecture
the fourth skin is the social environment
at last there is the ecology intended as a skin because we a part of it

I like the idea of having several skins, it’s like beeing a big organism,

just helping out to fix it until it……