First Brainstorming

1st Brainstorming: Objects show time spending

healthy habits

When we talk about time, things always about “time is limited”, “cherish time”, “use wisely” ……So if the object itself could show how much time user spends on, that may help user to form a good habit or as a reminder.

3 Ideas Based on Daily Actions for 1st Brainstorming – Timmy

1st Brainstorming_Timmy_2

In the 1st Brainstorming, I tried to focus on the daily actions and daily behavior through human daily life and came up with 3 different ideas below.   1. Music Bottle Basically, its a bottle to store sounds, musics or … Continue reading

first ideas


1 2 3   Material Research to connect biodegradable material with electronics in a smooth way, so it would be possible to up-cycle the electronics after the device has served its time. To replace plastics etc. materials that are just … Continue reading

Deformabel imput device // Tangibel device for elderly // Communication over distances

A deformabel imput device

Objects to Control Technology


How can we control technology by simply moving objects that are sitting in front of us? How does the technology know what we want to change? This idea is based on the workshop outcome “A Curious Lamp”: For comments … Continue reading

Public Transportation Awareness System


    How can you make public transportation more efficient and easy to use for as many people as possible? For comments please write to

Alternative Display for Reading


Reading texts on screens has many benefits such as compact size, easy handling and there are many tools for highlighting information. BUT is has a big disadvantage when it comes to more complex texts, where it can help to put … Continue reading