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Sound Jacket



(ah…!) is an experimental device to show how “bubble wrap” – an inorganic object, acts as organism. Since some people would press and squeeze bubble wraps unconsciously, this device provides a personate and sensual reflection: the strength of pressing the bubbles … Continue reading

Communicating bracelets


How can I communicate with another person without using a phone? How can I remind someone of something or let him/her feel that I am thinking of him/her. Pokey Pokey and Schnuuhh are two pairs of bracelets, which connect the … Continue reading




Squeezer; Sebastian & Jonas





With Brr..Balls people can communicate with each other in a sensual and way. The conductive wool balls are reacting reciprocally to touch an pressure with vibrations.                

Arduino Uno | Pain Light | Matteo, Reimond & Mirjam



A_curiousLamp – by Dorothea and Kirsten

As a user you will find this box and wonder what to do with it. As the stones get you’re attention and you start playing with them,you find out how to turn the lamp on, and mixing the colors by … Continue reading



Pendular light / Luise

How to turn on a LED in three different ways – Jonas & Hans



Outworldbox – Sebastian and Belliisi

2014-10-31 11.11.08

A Lamp which you turn on/off in a shaky way.

SHUT OFF by Mægi & Timmy


Design a Lamp which you turn on/off in playful way.   Who is screammmming??? SHUT OFF is a device trying to point out the problem of over-using energy. As an annoying scream with 5 different screaming-like guys, we use interference to … Continue reading

fragile secret but excited

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              Design a Lamp which you turn on/off in ______ way. What if you can’t find the on/off______ What if your too afraid to break ______________________________ Working with materials which don’t work together plaster formed like textile supposed … Continue reading

Candle – Maximilian

Bildschirmfoto 2014-10-31 um 23.25.48

A lamp which you can turn on/off in a CONVENTIONAL way. “It is better to fail in originality, than to succeed in imitation.” – H.Melville    




Apophenia Machine


by Dorothea Brockmann and Mohammad Moradi Who is wandering through the thick grass, searching for the way out? Where is this light coming from, blinking through the thicket? Can you catch a glimpse of the needle in the haystack? What … Continue reading

Petri dish – random population, Anna & Julia


Life in the “petri dish” is powerd and influenced by the random number. A higher or lower number results in the light and vibration getting stronger or weaker und thus influencing the population inside the petri dish becoming more or … Continue reading

Random Machine – textile membran


Process To extend the propeller of the servo motor, we laser cut a bigger one and added  more holes. A bigger propeller enables a wider movement. The textile membrane is fixed into a embroidery hoop. The servo motor is positioned on a tiny … Continue reading

Randomgraph – Timmy, Sebastian, Reimond


A machine, that displays and memorizes random numbers by marking a paper stripe. The mechanism is simple construction based on gear wheels. The result is a line on the paper stripe, that shows both the speed of the paper stripe … Continue reading