Muscle Sensor


We (mika/mohamed/raymond) tried the muscle sensor kit to see how good it can detect the muscle movement. We had a lot of fun as you can imagine.

The set up is very simple. The only work is to get two 9V batteries as it requires +9V / GND / -9V. To do this, you use 9V batteries in series.

+9V — + (battery1) – —— + (battery2) – ——– -9V and the middle is GND


Then connect vcc to 5v (Arduino), GND to GND (Arduino) and sensor to AnalogInput pin.

Now, time to attache the sensor to the muscle.
-Black electrode on a bony or non‐muscular part of your body near the targeted muscle
-Red electrode on a middle of the muscle you want to measure
-Blue electrode on a end of the muscle you want to measure
This looks like below:

You can find detailed explanation on their user manual

Here is the outcome of the trial: