Capacitive Sensing + Firmata

How can I send information that is calculated in the Arduino, for example, capacitive sensing information from Arduino to a software running on the computer?

For capacitive sensing, you can use Capacitive sensing library >>

But, how do I send this data to Computer, for example, Processing?
Here is an example code. Upload Arduino sketch to your Arduino. Open Processing sketch on your Processing.

From Arduino, you can send int value with index number this way.
Firmata.sendAnalog(index number, value to send);

The index number is between 0-15. When Firmata is directly accessing your analog pins, the index number is your analog pin number. You can use number after 6 for sending the value to not to confuse with the actual pin inputs.

On processing side, it is even simpler. Access the data with
arduino.analogRead(index number)

Then you can do whatever with the number coming from Arduino.