Mid Presentation: MY TIME (26.11 update)


  • How people spend their daytime
  • The articles which people usually spend time on
  • Different ways to show time spending
  • No numbers, no dials


  • Subjective time?
  • Quantify self?


1. How people spend their daytime :

Without a clock, timer or watch, people would not know the exactly time or how much time be spent. There’s a big gap between the objective time and subjective time. But clock, timer and watch still have their shotcomings.

At first, I want to know how people spend their time,  that could help me to know people’s different attitudes towards time, where place the emphasis, where’s the gap……

And here’re my three friends’ statistics:



Here’re the celebrities’ statistics from Mason Currey (http://infowetrust.com/2014/03/26/creative-routines/) :



2. The articles which people usually spend time on:

People do one thing may uses many different articles, if the articles’ time-beused could be recorded, then the time of  different affairs could be defined.



But the question is , should I use it to quantify self ? And should I connect it with subjective time ?


Different ways:



  • Fuzzy way show time running (not precise ? )
  • Focus on : how to map

This is one of the directions: use temperature and the color. It will getting warm and fade up while time running, which could be feeled and use peripheral sight to notice the changing.