HumanGround: re-search process phase

Material tests/re-search:

pind1    pind2    pind6    DSC_1840    pind1kips    pind2kips    pind3kips    pind3kips2    DSC_4872   DSC_4897    DSC_4913    muld ja valgus    DSC_4842    DSC_1989    DSC_4937    DSC_4922

1 x 1 meter

DSC_2598     DSC_2609     DSC_2697     DSC_2701    DSC_5019k

textile and holzleim    textile & holzleim

DSC_5435 silicon sheet & holzleim

bastellkleber and fabrik    DSC_5431

textile and silicon sheet with bastelkleber

DSC_5423    silicon sheet and alleskleber

silicon sheet & alleskleber

IMG_7671j   IMG_7683materjal   IMGP5675    IMGP5694   IMGP5707   IMGP5679


Cotton, silicon, sand

Mechanics tests

DSC_4328    DSC_5030k    DSC_5002k    IMG_7652k    IMG_7649    IMG_7653    IMG_7655    IMG_7656    IMG_7657   IMG_7645    IMG_7662    IMG_7629


Input – Face research

Faceshift gets the exact and unique face data of a person

skaneeritud belliisi külg skaneeritud belliisi skaneeritud felix


The changes in the facial landscape, photo based