Integrated Responsive Sensor

The concept of the Integrated Responsive Sensor is based on the function of smart sensors and works in a environment with developed technology, such as smart homes etc. You can decide which objects in your household should be an input device and which functions should be controled, and you are not limited to the apps on your smartphone.

The Integrated Responsive Sensor is an easy to attach item that includes several simple sensors, e.g. pressure, movement, temperature and vibration sensors and others. Due to the small size of the Integrated Responsive Sensor and it being dust and water proof you can affix it to almost any desired object in your belongings. For example you can screw it underneath a table, and when your cell phone receives a call you can double tap the table to accept the call. Or you can glue it inside of a decorative object and when you lift it, you hear the story of the artist who made it. Another example would be that you sew it into your child’s teddy bear and when the kid sqeezes the ear twice the nightlight will go on. With the sensor comes a specially-designed software that allows you to program which sensor input should be relevant and what action it should trigger.

This concept is inspired by Communicating Bracelets and Objects to Control Technology.

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Examples for smart sensors: