eLab activity idea for 2015/16 WS

eLab activity idea for 2015/16 WS

As we talked in the kick-off meeting, we plan to hold some activities at the eLab.

eLab project
Instead of weekly workshop, we (mika+felix) will work on an open project at the eLab. You can come by, and get yourself involved in this project to learn how things are done, or just get inspired on what you can do with technology and art/design.
We will start the project on the second week of November.

eLab talk
We plan to invite some guest to give a talk on their works. The first guest we are planning is a media artist So Kanno (http://kanno.so/).

Workshop on Demand
If more than 3 students come together and demand a specific topic workshop, we will hold a workshop. If you have a wish for a workshop, find 3 persons who are interested in the topic, and propose us the workshop idea and the date.

Give and Take
There are many students who are also skilled in specific topic/field. If you have workshop/tutorial to offer or to take, please exchange the “Give and Take” demand on the income post or the message board (we will put up at the eLab soon)

Propose an event
We also encourage you to propose an event/ activity at the eLab. For example, there were a movie screening night at the eLab last semester. As long as it is relevant to the eLab community, we will be open for such proposals.

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