Rules of Conduct

§1 Be nice!

The eLab is a public working space for everyone and we try to make it as open and freely accessible as possible. To assure a pleasant working environment for everyone, we need to rely on your responsible attitude to the use of room and equipment.

In General, all the eLab equipments are to be used within the eLab room. Please do not take it outside. (In the case you need to borrow it and take it outside of eLab room, please follow the rules below.)

§2 Clean up after yourself!

This is an open workshop and everyone should be able to use it. No trash pilesNo leftovers. No hidden stashes of material or food.

If you start frequently using the eLab for a longer period of time and want to save your precious prototype from being looted, we offer convenient, clear plastic boxes. Get One. Label it (Name, eMail address, Phone number) and store it on the metal shelf.

Everything left on the floor or the desks may be trashed by the cleaning staff or anyone who desperately needs the working space.

Borrowing Equipment from eLab:

General Equipment

If you need to borrow something to use it outside of the eLab, or if it’s going to be embedded in your prototype for longer than 1 week, please contact an eLab technician. In general, it is OK to borrow equipment to test for your prototype developments, but if you decide to use something permanently for your project, please buy it yourself, or replace the stock at the eLab.

Rental List

Fixed Equipments

Fixed equipments (soldering stations, Lab power supplies, etc.) are only to be used inside the eLab. You can not borrow them out of the eLab.

Embroidery Machine

There is a Bernina Artista 730 embroidery machine at the eLab. If you like to use it, please take the introduction from the eLab technician. Only after the introduction, you will have the access to the key to the embroidery machine.

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